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Virtual Yoga Classes

Virtual Bedtime Yoga

Set aside some time for calm and self-care. Time to reconnect, slow down and nourish your nervous system. We are in a time of change and uncertainty, which can bring up stress, anxiety, grief and even fear. This class is meant to offer a safe space where you can take class virtually with a community of like-minded individuals.

Join Dr. Geneviève Brûlé, Naturopathic Doctor and Yoga Teacher, for a virtual calming and nourishing bedtime yoga class.

What to expect

The session will run via an online video platform for 75 minutes. Class will start with some breath work (pranayama) to help ground the group and calm the nervous system. We will then move through a Hatha and deep stretch yoga class aimed at reducing tension and stress in the body. Class will end with a restful savasana.

What you need


Yoga mat

Computer or phone to connect to video

Pillows or yoga blocks


Bolster or large pillow

Water or tea

Journal (optional)

Upcoming Session



Register through the link below. I will email a waiver and the event video link the week of the session. 

Feel free to contact me at with any questions. I am more than be happy to answer them!

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