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Private Yoga & Meditation

Private Sessions

These sessions allow for a customized approach to yoga and meditation - sessions are designed based on each individual or group's needs. This a great option for beginners who may want a bit of guidance understanding basic yoga postures so that you can feel equipped and safe stepping into a community class. Also ideal if you have an injury or prefer smaller class settings.

Yoga has been a profound, personal healing tool over the years. Following the loss of my beautiful mother in 2014, I found myself consistently drawn to the movement, breath work and meditation yoga offered. These tools provided me an opportunity to reconnect with my mind and body through a time filled with confusion, pain and overwhelm. This reconnection allowed me to acknowledge and release my grief and deep-seeded emotions in a safe, vulnerable space. Shortly after I became a certified yoga teacher so that I could share these beautiful tools with others and create an intentionally safe space to facilitate personal healing of the mind, body and spirit. In my community classes I aim to share as much as I can, however one-on-one sessions and small groups are a much better fit for diving deep into healing. I have also completed my Trauma-informed yoga training by Yoga Outreach. 

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What to Expect?


Private yoga sessions can be one-on-one or groups of up to 4 people. The clinic space can accommodate 4 people for a class, however I do offer private sessions to larger groups if a separate space if available. Due to COVID-19, private yoga & meditation will be facilitated virtually for the time being.

Together, we will create the yoga sessions that best address your needs - whether they are more physical, emotional or spiritual. Every session will build on the previous session.

Areas of focus can include:

  • Improving flexibility & strength

  • Learning proper alignment for common yoga poses (asana)

  • Rehab from injury

  • Breathing (pranayama) and meditation

  • Yoga for grief, anxiety and healing

  • Workshop specific poses

  • Yoga fo relaxation &Â stress-reduction

I offer exercises and tools for you to practice on your own, which allows for you to continue working towards your goals.

From an emotional perspective, we may explore coping tools to use in your life, journaling prompts to explore your inner experience and/or mindfulness exercises to deepen healing on your own.

Private meditation sessions offer the opportunity to experience a personalized, on-on-one guided meditation experience. Option to add in sound healing using crystal sound bowls.

If you have any questions regarding whether this is the right option for you, please do not hesitate to email me at!

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